hayyyy.. finally i've finished 3 of my deadlines!

it's a wonderful feeling! :) but i still have a lot of stuff to finish!!
and i have to note that i planned to give away as gifts "scrap stuff."
oh man.. it's frightening... not just thinking if all my inaanak (and there mom's esp!?) will LIKE my idea of gifts this xmas hehehe well, i really HOPE sooooo... =)
it's all gonna be labor of luuuvvv yah know?? :)

well, here are just few of the things i was fretting about a few weeks before. click on the link to view some of my finished "projects":

ALL ABOUT ME Mini-album (Memory Box challenge on K&Co materials), just click on the next previews for the rest of the album:

Image hosted by Webshots.com
by ScrappyDonna

CAUGHT IN THE ACT:MY LITTLE BRATINELLA (ScrappinMoms challenge for Nov):

Image hosted by Webshots.com
by ScrappyDonna

I'm still uploading the other photos of the projects i've finished doin'. Just browse on my webshots album :)

Thanks for viewing!!!


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