Wednesday, July 04, 2007

How are yah fellas!!!

I know I've been quiet lately, I'm in a kind of a scrappin' rut these past days..argghh!!
I didn't feel like scrapbooking with papers these past weeks and my pc broke down so it's a positive no-no to digi-scrapping for me too.
But... I have quite an achievement, just to let you know :D
It's not scrapbooking-related though! :D

It's hard to think and create in my hot bedroom-turned-scrapbook area.
On top of that, I don't know why I am still sick until now after all the medicines I took, the resting and drinking of fruit juices and water... well, I think I am getting better more than a bit now. I only have allergic rhinitis in the morning :) And I don't wake up coughing hard in the middle of dawn anymore...well, not so much somehow :) I think my allergy is turning its ugly head on me again!

Oh well but even if... I have to commend myself (I guess) for the best self-control I had for the last years... I've controlled myself NOT TO SMOKE for almost a month now!! WHew! This the farthest I've done so far. It's really more on MIND OVER MATTER! hehehe
Hey, I am not that chain-smoker type other people think I am, you know! I could really control myself, if I want to. Although, I should admit, I get tempted many times. But in my condition, I had to be really strong and tough!! Hahaha

I just wish I could still be in control even if I get better again. I'll just put more conviction into it! Right? right!!! :D
Yeah, that's what I'll do! (wink*wink)
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janujennifer said...

hi donna...i, too, got a flu two mondays ago, and i was so stupid to take some neozep tablets for my runny nose! the cold wasn't at all healed, for until now i am still blowing my nose - it seemed that it is trapped in my sinus area, and at times when i get out of bed, bigla na lang tutulo sipon ko, but when i sniff or blow my nose, wala naman. it's like having swimmer's ear...

anyway, congrats on the smoking thing. that's a great feat.

dianeskie said...

Jenn, that's gross!!! LOL!

Donna, get well soon ka din! Parehas pala tayo may sakit eh. And congrats on the NO SMOKING for a month. Continue mo lang yan kasi baka yan ang nagiging cause ng sakit mo. It's bad to your health eh. Ingat ka parati!

iris said...

Hi Donna! I'm sick also. Something in the air. mean type of virus I guess. Congrats on not smoking for a month! Wow! tuloy mo lang yan. kaya mo yan.

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