Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hi from Singapore!

Arrived here last March 7 at almost 2 am.
My brother fetched me from the airport and we had, I think, an almost hour's drive going to his place.
It's in Yishun and when we got here, one of his flat-mates greeted us in. I went straight to their room to see my niece, Cheska.. who is by the way still up at that hour she couldn't sleep properly coz she's sick. I was so excited to hug and kiss her. At first, she was hesitant to let me near her but I lured her with my luggages heehee Just like other little kids, she got interested with what's inside my luggages. She hurriedly opened it and she saw the coloring books I brought for her. At 3am in the morning, she was busy reading and coloring her favorite DORA and BARNEY characters. I think we slept at 4am? My brother still has work so he has to sleep.

It was raining in the morning until the afternoon and though I wanted to see their place in broad daylight, I opted to sleep the day away :) My sis-in-law accompanied me heehee You see, she's pregnant and we all know pregnant women love to sleep all the time. :D

The next day, it was still raining.. darn, little Cheska wanted to go out and play in the playground but we couldn't. I didn't notice the day passing by so quickly. Come Saturday, we all went out after the sun settled and they showed me around. First stop was LUCKY PLAZA (of course hehehe), we walked around and took some photos every chance we can. The last stop was at Esplanade (I hope I spelled it correctly). We ate some food (Malay food.. which didn't suit my tastebuds and nose so well lol!!) at Gluttons Bay (?) and headed to hmmm the Marina Bay? (I'm a poor tourist lol!!) Oh and we ate some ice cream bars! I LOVE IT! lol!! I love the Peppermint and another Mint-something ones... it's only 1SD (is that right?? heehee).

Tomorrow, March 12, is my niece's 3rd birthday. My SIL asked me to cook Spaghetti for them. I love to cook but only a few dishes. I love to learn how to bake really good-tasting and good-looking cakes and pastries... maybe when I get tired of scrapbooking I will do baking next heehee Nahhh I don't think I will get tired of scrapbooking :)

So, in the next coming days, I will be posting not so scrapbook-related stuff here.
I didn't bring so much scrapbook stuff with me just the basic tools. But I am waiting for a package from Dixie Pieces though (the April kit) and I brought my Photoshop installer and some discs with my digital kits so I can make my Pinoyscrapbookers Kaya! challenge and teach my SIL digital scrapbooking too.

That is it for now friends :)

**I will post my FIRST airport, immigration and flight experiences next time... I had A LOT OF BLOOPERS to share! Lol!! Trust me, as far as I AM concerned, bloopers stick with me like paste. lol!!
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