Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My Little Attic: Altered craft box

Hi all!

Here's one of my My Little Attic projects for the month. I altered a craft box using Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. I just embellished it with Prima flowers, pearl strings, ribbons and a tag.

It was my first time to use Glimmer Mist. As I was so excited to start my project, I hurriedly chose one of the Glimmer Screens and started spraying on the box...and yep, I had learned a lot of lessons along the way. Lol!

First, I should have watched the videos in Tattered Angels on how to use the Glimmer Mist the right way! :D

Really, it's not just aim and spray. There's a technique on how you would achieve a somewhat perfect mist on your working surface. I didn't took photos on how I did my box thinking the vids on the net will help you out more than I could lol! Anyways, one of my mistakes were spraying too much! The mist seeped through and the end result was a pool of liquid on the side of the box I was working on. Ummm, that's bad. Lol! So I SWIPED it off with wet wipes. :D Hmmm Now I noticed some of the glimmer gone. Lol! Never do that! :D Just tap it lightly if you don't like big blobs of glimmer mist on what your woking on.
*So, I learned to be patient. I tried to spread my sprays lightly with the glimmer screen on top. I used a tweezer to lift the screen. I liked how it turned out and experimented a bit more. Unlike the first try, I sprayed a foreground color on my second try and waited til the glimmer mist is a bit dry. I put on the screen and sprayed a different color. I varied the intensity of spraying the glimmer mist on each sides of the box. At the end, I had 4 different end results hehehe
I used a Heidi Swapp ghost letter as a mask on the tag. On the box cover, I used a different glimmer screen and doodled small dots with a pen (should be archival so it will not bleed on the paper). I dabbed the flower on the mat I used, so the colors will somehow match a bit.
It dried ok although at first I got worried when the papers kind of bubbled when I sprayed it with the glimmer mist. But it disappeared after a while. I just let it air-dried. I don't have a heat gun (Yep! I still don't have one! heehee)...which was somehow okay coz according to the vid and tutorials I've read (after making the box, lol!), using heat gun on a "glimmerized" surface (learned this from the site as well, lol!) will take off some of the shimmer.
So, there.... thanks for taking the time reading my first adventure with Glimmer Mists and Glimmer Screens! lol! I had fun! And even on the last MLA Mini-jam, I think some of the jammers had a blast "glimmerizing" the craft box included in their kit.

Oh, and because we're such addicts.... Cookie, Vani and I bought 6 different bottles and divided it into three! lol!
Hugs to all,

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Gracie said...

That was a beautiful box Donna! And I enjoyed watching your tutorial during the MLA jam. Ang saya saya mo magdemo. Hehe. Guess what?? Wala pa rin akong heat gun so di ka nag iisa sister. But one of the things I'd like to experiment with next year ay ang pag gamit non. Hehe. At hindi ko pa rin tapos ang box ko. Hehe. Post ko nalang sa blog ko pag nagawa na. Hehe. Salamat ulit sa pagturo samin. :)

Donna E. said...

hello gracie! uy thank you kapatid ha hehe sana bukod sa nag-enjoy ka natuto ka rin ha?? at hindi un bloopers ko ang mga natandaan mo ano? :D looking forward to your box! :)

Lee i. said...

what a lovely box. i hope i get the hang of using glimmer mists too. i only have one so far (at wala ako karapatan bumili ng additional hangga't di nape-perfect. hahaha)

Donna E. said...

hello momm lee! thank you po :) gawa na, kayang-kaya mo yan! :)

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