Monday, March 30, 2009


I will be in and out... well, hopefully for just a few days.... my puter crashed. something sparked in my CPU!! Just imagine my surprise or should i say, shock! A loud "pop" and a spark will definitely make you jump off your chair and push the power button of the AVR with your right foot... that's how I did it lol! My mom heard the loud pop too. She's in the other room with my niece and nephew, closed door with the aircon on. She thought I'm just doin' one of those manual eyelet setting (the MM silent setter is not so silent after all hehe) I usually do in the middle of the night or while they were slumbering in the afternoon... lol!! I told her what was it and immediately assured her that it's turned off already (she's worried that it might caught fire or something).
Right now, checking emails and doin' online "duties" in a computer shop (in a mall). And then do the groceries afterwards. Picked up my niece's report card in her school, had my nails done before goin' here and visited a bank to open an EON account which didn't materialize coz I forgot to bring my passport (dang! talk about memory gap!!).

And hmmmm.... I just noticed that most of my layouts and images are soooooooooooo dark!!!!!! Is it just this monitor or what??? It looked fine in mine and in my SIL's laptop (who came back to SG last Sunday)..... is that how you see them as well??? Let me know, will appreciate it sooo much! And in fact, all comments (bearable, decent and not violent) are welcome :)
Thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I'm out :)

Hugs to all,
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Alby said...

Your layouts look perfect Donna. It's probably the monitor in the internet shop. :D

Mei Ann Guerrero said...

Uh oh, I hope your computer will be up and running soon. It happened to me once but it was my fault ... I accidentally spilled apple juice on my laptop and the creepy sound it created with matching sparks were not pleasant, I tell you.

By the way, your LOs are clear on my monitor.

Cheers Donna and thanks for the visit.

Donna E. said...

thanks ladies! :)

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