Friday, July 17, 2009

I am in a dazzzeeee

I don't have my own computer and my EHD is inaccessible atm... all my files are there.... sad... no not sad.. IM SO P#($U23423!3#&*&3!!!!! wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Why oh Why are these misfortunes happening to me??? I have so many deadlines!!!!! :<

Oh and our water pipes broke too, yesterday.. My fault :( I was taking out the garbage (eeewww!) and threw the garbage cover ever so lightly (I know, I swear!!!!) and landed on the water pipe leading to our house.... then whhoooossshhh!!

Hmmmm.... Im always wondering what to answer to this line.... WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS.... it will give you buckets and buckets, FULL, of bitter and sour lemons....

Will share cards and layouts soon! As soon as I can... including the last batch of stuff for MLA, my last projects as MLA's DT... wahhh!! another sad thing, in another post!

And btw, thanks to my youngest brother, he let me borrow his laptop just for this weekend... then... goodluck to me.. (or to him heehee I will bug him every week, be quiet! shoo!!! :D)

Hugs to all,
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Lee i. said...

donna, you don't know your own strength. baka naman yung hagis mo e hagis macho. hahaha. don't worry kapatid, gawa ka na lang ng lemonade.

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