Fruitloop Sally: I am one of her Hybrid girls :D

I never thought, I never entertained this idea, of being hybrid girl in a team. First, I don't think I am that good with altered stuff. And like altering, hybrid is pretty much the same. Second, printing can get quite expensive, esp for someone like me who doesn't have a decent colored inkjet printer (yeah, it has to be inkjet I've researched and asked already, lol!).
So what kind of craziness entered my head and accepted Sandra's offer to be in her team?? Well, because I simply ADORE her designs!!! Eeeek!! So whimsical and doodly.. hahaha! And yes, that's the thing that really made me fell inlove with her awesome work! Lots of doodlings!! :D SO even if it was to be in her hybrid team, I dived in! lol!!
Been posting these everywhere in the digital community (in open galleries) so some of you might have seen these already.. but for my blogger friends, check out what I did with FRUITLOOP SALLY's awesomeness... :D
These are the first ones I did for her using Sweet Temptation, a gorgeous collab kit with K studio available at A5.

Second is this, a mini-tag album with some of my favorite friendship quotes... used Lizzy digi kit here available at Catscrap.
Latest are these cards, using Fruitloop Sally's Lolly Bag for August, available at Pickleberry Pop.
Ok, that's all for now... I'm almost half asleep while typing this... hehehehe
Ciao friends!
Hugs to all,


Gorgeous work Donna-- wow!! And congratulations on your new design team!
Thanh said…
Gorgeous work Donna... and congratulations!
Elizabeth R. said…
Nice work I like them all but I have to say the last one is my favorite.
Gwen said…
Congrats Donna!!! Love your work!
Tiffany said…
I love the mini album, so cute!
Great projects. Love that mini!! Adorable!
Donna E. said…
Thanks girls! :)

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