Friday, September 04, 2009

Awards from Cay

Thanks to Cay for these two blog awards



Rules are easy:

1 - Display the prize.
2 - Link to the Blog from whom you received it.
3 - Nominate another 10 blogs.
4 - Leave a message for them on their blog.

My ten blogs:

1. Bjay's
2. Candy's
3. Lee's
4. Diane's
5. Cookie's
6. Marjorie's
7. Alby's
8. Nina's
9. Wati's
10. Liza Y.'s

Hugs to all,
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Nina said...

Donna kapatid! Kamusta ka na? Where in the world are you na?

Love your recent creations! Grabe, ubos ata ang ink ng printer mo sa hybrid pero, kapatid, super gorgeous! Love those cards! =)

Thanks so much for the awards! So sweet of you!


Wati Basri said...

thanks donna for the award..muacks!

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