The Design Girl: Lotsa layouts!

Hey there peeps! Here's another round of digital layout for you to enjoy (I do hope you enjoy 'em :D hehehe)

The Design Girl's Classy Chic mini kit available at Polkadot Plum
(my friends, Lyra and Karlo)

(my SIL with her nephew)

The Design Girl's Elegant Chic mini-kit available at Polkadot  Plum
(my SIL's mother and her SIL's mother :D)

(my brother's inlaws)

The Design Girl's Lovely Chic mini-kit available at Polkadot Plum
(and of course, my darling niece)

The Design Girl Funky Chic mini-kit, available at Polkadot Plum
(and my niece again....what's new, lol!)

The Design Girl's Fabulous Fall kit available at Polkadot Plum
(my cousin with her son, and with her hubby and son in the next layout)

That's all folks... thanks for droppin' by! :)
Hugs to all,


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