Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mari Koegelenberg: Feb. 2010 Grab bag

 and my layout...

 Thanks! :)
Hugs to all,
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Alby said...

Youhave to teach me how to do that one of these days. Beautiful, as always. :D

Nicole said...

Just beautiful Donna! WOW, so breath taking! Can you email me your address again? I deleted it by accident when I went on a 'clean out your inbox rampage'!

Hope you are well!

Donna E. said...

thank you girls!

@alby - oo ba no problem! :) kayang-kaya mo yan madali lng promise ;)

@ nicole - you got mail, dear!! hehehe

Tammy said...

Beautiful kit and I love your layout!

Donna E. said...

hi tammy, thank you ! :)

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