Friday, September 21, 2012

First time: Making a video tutorial

Creating this layout took me more than one day. Not because I had to wait for the paint to dry (I'm too impatient for that hehe) or I was out of mojo. In fact, I was giddy with excitement while creating, especially it's really messy :D I LOVE being creative and messy with colors at the same time!

It took me that long to finish this one because I was also "shooting" the creation process! Well, it's really not the step by step but how I end up with these paint splatters and multi-color stamping techniques.

Now, the longgggggggeeeeeessssstttttttt of all is the actual editing of the video and uploading! The editing part almost took me a week to figure out...uploading took was like 3 days (at least). Our net decided to NOT cooperate with me these past few days so uploading was totally a pain in the a*$!!! Thought my head will explode out of frustration. I even deprived my husband of internet connection! lmao! I disconnected his cable and turned off the WIFI :D Thank God after a whole day of struggling with bad net connection I was able to upload to YT....siiiiighhhhhhhh...

So anyways, check out the PPS blog for the video tutorial. Hope you like it (just pardon the vid quality and the editing etc... first timer here hehe)

Majority of the materials I used here can be found in the PPS store. Do check it out.

God bless you all for dropping by :)

Happy crafting,
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