Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Heartistic Project

It was such a surprise when I got a pm from one great designer, Lauren Grier, who is part of "The Heartistic Project", a new blog which Re Kneipp started just last week? It's pretty new! Thought I misread what she asked me...when it finally set in, I was blushing from the roots of my hair I felt my cheeks flush, lol! :D She said her job is to interview one amazing scrapper every month. And I am her first for THP! Okay, wait.. first point, she said amazing. Second point, it's the first interview... now.. WOW.. isn't that SO WOW or not???? OMG... I still couldn't believe it, you know....I don't consider myself amazing.. I think I am just an average scrapper! ^_^ My head was reeling while answering Lauren's questions... had a hard time figuring out what to write, actually, lol! ^_^

SO, I hope you check it out.. Lauren Grier of The Heartistic Project's interview of one simple-average scrapper, ME. ^_^ Thank you again, Lauren!

Happy crafting,
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