Inkido dt call 2014

I've been a lover of layers, clusters and flowers since I started with scrapbooking. I came across Inkido several months ago and I really love how inspiring their projects were. So, I am taking this opportunity of trying out to their Creative Team call.

Something about me:

I am Donna Espiritu from Manila, Philippines. Currently in Saudi Arabia with hubby who is working here. We don't have kids yet so most of the time, my subjects would be: me, hubby, my nieces, nephews, family, and friends. I love to scrap even the most mundane happening in my life, not just the special ones. I love listening to music when I scrap, all sort of music: Pop, R & B, alternative, alternative rock, and even instrumental music.

I've been paper scrapbooking since 2004, when I got married. I loved it so much I think I scrap almost everyday! It halted around 2009 when I followed my husband who's working in Saudi Arabia and unfortunately lost everything (all my personal and scrapbook stuff) to a typhoon that caused severe flooding. I was already dabbling with digital/hybrid scrapbooking that time but went fully digital when I came here in Saudi Arabia (due to some personal reasons). But as they said, first love never dies. So when I came across of a store based in Dubai opening and calling for creative team members, I decided to try out. I thanked my lucky stars because I got in. That was early last year only and I've been paper scrapbooking AGAIN a couple of years of hiatus. My style varies but I would usually create lots of layers, small clusters of embellishments and whatnots. I love trying out new techniques and lately finding it easier incorporating mixed media in my projects.

I can say I am a friendly person, not that talkative (I really think my close friends will say otherwise lol!). My shyness has been mistaken for being a snob, a serious type and strict person. I can easily get along with people who wants to be friends with me. I love laughing out loud, am very sentimental and can easily cry over silly things. :D Besides scrapbooking, I also LOVE reading, but not the textbooks ones lol! From Dan Brown to John Grisham to Cassandra Clare (lots and lots MORE authors). I like drinking my coffee really strong. Brewed coffee is heaven! One of my dreams is to have my own coffee machine. Our goal for the coming years is to have our own house already (so I can have my own scrapbook room! That is in the Philippines of course). My heart's ultimate dream is to become a mother.

Here are some of my favorite projects I made the past year:

My current design/creative teams:

My tutorials can be found here

You can find me in the following social media platforms:

It would be such a delight to be in the Inkido design team.
Thank you so much for the opportunity!


Bellaidea said…
What a story! I am happy you can be busy with scrapping again and I wish all your dreams will come true. Good luck!
Donna Espiritu said…
Oh wow thank you, Agnieszka!
Bente Fagerberg said…
olive your pages so full of life and bright colours!! Thanks for sharing with us at Inkido and good luck to you!!
Donna Espiritu said…
Thank you, bente! :)

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