Hi folks, I'm still alive :D

I'm just taking a short "leave" from my computer and crafting table.. will be back soon! :)

Happy crafting,


Hi, Donna!

Saying warm regards and sending warm happy thoughts as you rest away from your computer.

I guess we are both alike, in the sense when one of us is down so is the other one. And the background of what got us down are similar and yet different in situation and physical instance. It's like being a twin of you in the reasoning background and not a twin in the physcial sense. I know how it is being with my younger sister who was born on the same date but different year (I'm older by 5 years than my younger sister). We're both the same in reasoning background in whatever aspect in life, may it be work, emotions felt and yet different in the physical manifestation of physcial instance forming in our lives. It's difficult living like that and as an older sister, I've learned to give in and just stay away from the spotlight anywhere and at home.

Thank you for serving as the digital LO designer for the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog. I may have been there when all of you started as I was out finding myself amidst the gloom and chaos in my work life and life at home. I have found my anchor and it was with my hobby of scrapbooking, crafts and arts. But things have changed and I have re-evaluate everything.

So much to do and so much at stake even my own way of looking things and thinking causing me to think that life could be crazy for me.

Thank you for providing Digital Quickpage freebies with the help of your digital designer Mye De Leon.

I really wished I found you all at the very start but who would take confidence in me when I was just starting. I did my best to create the design of the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog with all of my bought / purchased digital kits from digital designers around the blogosphere. I got them thru digital scrapbook stores and shops but I have never been active in any digital scrapbook forum as I am not yet in the know and had to learn everything by myself and put 2 and 2 together in completing a digital LO.

Thank you, Donna and thank you for trying to take helm as I mend myself spiritually as I'm a warrior in spirit never quitting in every battle, and a warrior in heart who would always want to give joy and heartfelt regard to everyone in whatever I do - may I step aside or stay away or be out there center in the limelight.

So much said. It's time for me to say thank you by leaving this note here on your blog.

Take card and stay healthy with me.

Yours truly and with the team ever since and staying forever single,
Kathleen (Kath) B. Hernandez

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