3 favorite creations

I'm so giddy with excitement! I am trying out for the Flying Unicorn DT call! So cross your fingers for me, friends! :)

This post was geared to go live few days back but I had to step away for a few days from my computer because DD had been sick.
Anyways, here it is and would like to present 3 of my favorite recent projects.

"Dear One"


Finally, an out of the box project thrown in for good measure. I am fond of recycling stuff and made this pretty little bicycle decor and holder in one out of used card boards I hoard. Yes, besides scrapbook stuff, I also hoard card board boxes lol! :D And yes, I still use this baby, I love it so much! :)

"This way"
~ bicycle and pen/post-it-notes holder ~

More details about these creations on this post and in this video.

Thank you for dropping by!

Happy crafting,


Regina Easter said…
oh my word that bike is beautiful
Donna Espiritu said…
thank you, regina! :D

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