Clique Kits Design Team Leader

Yes!!! You read that right!!! I've been keeping this wonderful news for some time now and today, I'm so happy and proud to share it with all of you! Clique Kits invited yours truly to be one of their Design Team Leaders

I'm so happy and kind of scared to be starting this new chapter in my creative journey. I know lots will be expected of me and I will do my best to meet all of those things. I also believe this is my chance to be not just a better crafter, but also a better person.

I will also be sharing this position with this very talented young lady, Maryam Perez! She's truly inspiring. She's someone I would love my daughter to look up to :) And I'm just thrilled to be co-leaders with her on this journey!

You can read more of this awesome news on this CK Blog post.

Also, don't forget to send in your application! The 2018 CK DT CALL has been announced a few days ago. I'm telling you, you wouldn't want to miss this opportunity.

Look forward to more creative inspiration coming your way in the coming days. 
Thanks for dropping by today! 

Happy crafting,


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