MY SCRAPBOX.... What's in the box?

Got this from my friend, CHI... And decided to use it as my blog's name. I was asking her opinion what she thinks would fit the small business brewing in my mind. I told her several names and MY SCRAPBOX caught her attention. There are several family members, friends and co-scrappers who gave their suggestions.. Creative Outlet.. Pink Pattern... MEMENTOS.. pInk-pOLka-dOtS Craft Haus.. Design Ko Atbp... These are just SOME of them... :)

Well I kinda like the sound of it... MY SCRAPBOX, what's in the box? It is quite a metaphor for the space that I dedicated for scrapping in my bedroom. The right side of the room has built-in cabinets & a long, sort of table with drawers. Got lucky to pick the rooms first when we rented our house!
I consider my scrapping space a "little box" coz all my scrapping things are all crammed up in that side of the room. Like a usual little box that fills up quickly, I always get to organize & sort all my materials, esp papers & embellishments, to give away later to my HS student sis-in-law who happens to be into scrapping too. Aside from scrapping, I also do other things in this little space. I've made invites, souvenirs, gifts and cards among other things on that long, sort-of table :) And that's where I intend to do more of it for future business clients :) So pray for my success! I don't wish or pray for great success, even an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny kind-of success is fine with me :)

Now...what name would be nice for my future small business? :)


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