Well, these are almost ALL of my scrapping stuff...


More stuff...
Stickers, rub-ons.. more stickers :)

Not so many but as you can see, I still have lots of untouched papers in my stash.
I'm having this mental block state right now and I can't seem to think what to do first!!!
The fact is, I have SOOO many things to do!!

1. Album for (yes and entire album) for my niece, CHESKA.

> It's her first birthday album and I still haven't done a single page!!! I know my sister-in-law (Elaine) would think I've just harassed her more than three weeks ago for the money to buy the materials I'd be needing hehehe Well, no complains yet. =)

2. Signature book for my my other niece (and inaanak) MARIEL.

> Supposedly my birthday gift for Mariel. I prepared a 5-page Bazzill Basics CS for all the visitors on her birthday and asked them to write their wishes for the birthday girl. Explained that I haven't finished doing the album/book so they would have to settle with that! hahaha
But in reality, I haven't even started the covers (front and back) of the book yet!!!

3. Baby album of CHESKA.

> And this is classic.
I actually started this album right after my niece was born. And man, that was a year ago!! Yes, MORE than a YEAR AGO!! hehehe I stopped in the month of October last year.. and imagine, it's coming November a few weeks from now!! Goodness gracious! I'm such a pain-in-the-neck.. yeah yeah I know!! hahaha

4. Gift for future inaanak, RAVEN.

> Well, this one is not so late to make. His baptism is gonna be on November 25 and I think I still have a lot of time at hand. Have to prepare materials yet.. I have very limited baby boy stuff so.....

5. CHALLENGES!!!!!!!!!!

> Man this one is the culprit!!!
I'm having mental blocks coz I want to join two challenges.. doesn't make any sense ha? That's because deadline of submission is on its way!!! The first one is due October 31 and that's next week already! The second one is on November 5 and that's next week too! GRRRRR!!! If I I don't do anything until this weekend I don't think I'd join huhuhu I really don't know why I can't think of something.. why any idea won't pop or click in my head..

and I'm calling myself creative.. huh!!??


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