Tuesday, May 15, 2007

THIS WAS LOTD!!! at Scrapjazz.com!!!

OMG!!! I didn't know that my lo had been chosen LOTD at scrapjazz.com!!!

For a while, I didn't bother to check my other email and ALL THE WHILE I thought I used my "scrapbook email" when I entered my lo at scrapjazz.com, how st**id of me!? LOL!!!

Nweis, I've uploaded the lo below last May 13 along with "STILL CUTE" lo and after that I didn't check anymore. Whew! Just imagine my surprise!!

This lo is based on Valerie Salmon's sketch - Sketch-for-fun at http://www.myscrapworks.com

Had the courage to scrap a few of our wedding pictures, TFL!!!

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jennifer said...

what i love most about you is that you are so humble. i think that's what makes you radiate.

you are really talented, donna. i guess it's time to learn to get used winning challenges, 'coz you deserve winning it.

Valerie Salmon said...

Woohoo!!! Way to go!!!

Donnabelle Bolo - Espiritu said...

awww...these are truly amazing and kind words to say jen :) thanks so much!

Donnabelle Bolo - Espiritu said...

wow! thanks ms valerie for droppin' by :) as i said before, ur sketch was my lucky charm! :)

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