Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I'm tagged!

Diane M tagged me this FABULOUS tag:

And this is what Diane has to say about me:

Donna - A very talented lady! I love her layouts! And I am proud that she is now a DT to 2 stores already! Congrats sis

Coming from her, I am so touched and humbled :)

I believe I have to pass it to several ladies that are "fab" in my list... well, well, that's quite difficult..they're just too many :) Do I really have to choose only a few?? Ok now, I'll tag TEN. Names that will pop in my head first hehehe :D

Here it goes :

Marj Velarde - for me, her layouts aren't just the one that is fab but her personality as well. She's very down-to-earth and straight forward at the same time. I love how we "clicked" it's as if we've know each other for a very long time already! SO Marj my girl, you are one fab girl to me!

Joanne Yap - Need I say more?? This woman is an epitome of the word fabulous! I love her so much and I am gonna miss her a lot!! huhuhu I've learned a lot from her and I owe her my confidence in what I do (that's from the bottom of my heart Ms Jo, no sugar coating or anything)

Lee Imao - I love her spunk and I love how her mind work. I admire her fabulous dedication in everything she does.. yes Mommy Lee that is how I see you! Mwuah!

Christine V. and Alby Laran- Oh, I just love these girls.. always there for me to give encouraging words and never fail to amaze me with their simply fab works :) Very humble and kind too!

Tin Yao and Mia C. - now why share the tag?? because these two are the brilliant minds behind the first and the only (so far) KIT CLUB in the Philippine archipelago!! hahaha yes, STUDIO AZUL deserves this fab tag ladies, because you two are downright fabulous yourselves! You can share with the tag hehehe :)

Phylline Comia - I just love her fabulous words of wisdom. And her equally fab cutting edge skills :)

Mabelle Rubia - Love her to bits!! She is one of the best mentors :) Never running out of great ideas, fabulous and superb!! So talented, I admire her so much :)

Au Lim and Nita Ang - their fabulous friendship is worth dying for.. hahaha truly amazing how their friendship got this far and still going strong! It is something everybody should have, one great fab bestfriend :) So Mod Au and Ms Nita, for me, your friendship is simply FABULOUS!
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Marci Knecht said...

You ARE pretty fabulous :)

Au Lim said...

hi Donna! thanks for the Fab tag. you're quite FAB yourself. love your beautiful LOs! ang gagaleng!

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