Saturday, October 20, 2007


This layout was submitted for a DreamStreet challenge at Scrap4life.
I waited for weeks and guess what?? I WON!!! yey!! hahaha
There were 3 winners and yes, I am one of the lucky ones :)
Here's my layout..with another cute baby pic of my niece, Cheska (whom I am missing terribly!!!! she's with her mom and dad in Singapore right now huhuhu)

Thanks for looking!!!

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Marci Knecht said...

Congrats Donna! I'm so proud of you :)

marjorie said...

heeeeeeey!!!! congratulations sis!!! tlga naman..i hope someday, i can accomplish even a fraction of what you are accomplishing...galing tlga!!!

Donna Espiritu said...

hi marci! thanks so much!

Donna Espiritu said...

marj, my girl... anong someday ka jan hahaha you are accomplishing more than half of what you are talking abt no!?! Hey, when I was a "newbie" like you, hindi ako tulad ng syle mo hehe galeng-galeng mo sis! ;D

marjorie said...

kaw naman,may mutual admiration club yata tayo dalawa!hahaha...minsan tawagan kita ulit ha..chika to the max again!

Ella said...


Congrats for another winning LO!

Galing talaga!!

Jeff & Pia said...

Congrats Donna! I love the color combination you used on your LO!


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