Monday, May 26, 2008

Some new cards

Whenever I feel like doing something crafty but not a scrapbook layout, I resort to making cards. I know I don't make cards like those soooo beautiful ones :)
Before, I thought I would never brave the world of card-making. Now, I find it very therapeutic as well and I enjoy it as much as I enjoy scrapbooking itself.
Here are four of my cards out of scraps...
(have lots of these scraps of corrugated papers, cut all of it in heart-shape when i was watching tv :D uhuh, im a weirdo a lot times)
(found this cutout flower in my "bag of scraps")

(see, another card with my corrugated papers hehehe)
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Lee i. said...

cute cards. and you used scraps, too? what can i say, you make me want to try making cards again even if the cards don't like me hahaha.

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