Artful Blogging Challenge on

I decided to join the challenge over at BOOKOTO :D
At first, I thought I'd never win anyways to the other great blogs out there so why join. LOL! Mine is simply...SIMPLE. Like the owner hehehe
BUT, I dived in and here it goes...
So, my blog is called MY SCRAPBOX. What's with the name?
My friend CHI actually came up with this. We just finished watching the last SUPERMAN movie (yeah that long ago lol!!!) and we were sitting drinking coffee at Starbucks (in Araneta). She thought I was just making conversation when I was asking her what she thinks of this and that...I mentioned several titles to her. She got intrigued after the nth time, when she finally said MY SCRAPBOX is pretty good. That's the only time she asked what's with all the blah-blahs LOL! Oh well, that's what you call a true friend, asking questions later :D
So, I explained that I wanted to do a blog and I don't know what to name it. She knows that I am into scrapbooking and stuff but we never really discussed it that well that time coz I was still learning the ropes.
I basically wanted to showcase my "creations" and share it to my friends and family everywhere. I wasn't that active in a very long time when I started this blog. I mean, as in! LOL! I just peek in here when I think of posting some stuff.
Honestly, at first I thought blogging is for geeks lol! Or for those people with uber intelligence ;)
I was too shy to share my thoughts at first. I wanted to do what the other bloggers do, entertain their readers with even just an everyday thing/story that happened to them that day. It was pretty hard coz I'm not that type of person. When I compose an entry, it can take the whole day just for a simple one. LOL! BUT after a while, I got the hang of it and I blogged away :)
I also thought, I didn't have to tell EVERYTHING so why bother sugar-coating it??? I was like in College, Thesaurus at hand so I can use pretty words to my reports..LOL!!!
So, you see, what you see is what you get here in my blog. Everything I write are my simple thoughts. I post my creations and through that I wanted to somehow inspire other people and I'd admit, when people comment on something I did especially those sweet and kind words from other people across the world... it MAKE my day brighter and happier ! LOL!
My first banner was just a simple text, MY SCRAPBOX, in pink. Yes, I L-O-V-E the color pink! :) Then I created my first header banner using freebies (I forgot already and I couldn't find the old one anymore). I had it for a long while. Then I changed it to black, white and pink with a butterfly "bling" and b/w "dymo" word MY SCRAPBOX. I put "testing" on the sides coz that's what I intended at first, just a "test header/banner". It took me a while to create the current header I'm using now. I stayed with the black, pink, silver thingy. I wanted to create a bling-bling effect on the title work but my skills in Photoshop ain't that honed yet hehe And since I love doodling on my layouts and stuff, I doodled on my header too! It was quite tricky to do it using just a mouse. LOL! I "embellished" it with some butterfly blings, one of my fave things ever.
I jazzed it up a bit more by adding a "music list" where I put all my fave singers and type of songs that I usually listen to. You can always turn it off anyways if it's not your cup of coffee lol!
So my dear friends reading this, I hope I didn't bore you to death! LOL!
Mine may not be the greatest of blogs, my reason may be as simple as sharing you something that came from my imagination... but that's what I really wanted anyways, share with you a bit about me and what I am. :)
Thank you for reading til this last line :D

Hugs to all,


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