Scrappinmoms Idol 2008

I was thinking of NOT joining this year. I'm not even "IN" yet but I can already imagine the stress and the mind-boggling challenges they will surely give us... LOL!!! I've got mixed emotions about joining but there is a greater force in my head saying I should give it another try. Should I join or should I not? Join? Not? A ewan!!! hehehe Enough drama! :D
So after much procrastination, in a span of 3 hours I was able to make an entry... now if I get eliminated right away it's all my fault maybe God said, "arte-arte mo kse!" :D
Click this link to see my entry as well as my fellow hopefuls' take on the sketch of Em Magpoc.
Wish me luck!!! :)

Hugs to all,
("Nginig na ko sa takot!!!" hehehe)


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