Thursday, September 18, 2008

SMI 08 Update and other news

Finished my week 5 entry at 2am this morning. It was a busy and happy week at the same time.
Monday - my SIL gave birth to a healthy baby boy! yipee! New scrapbook subject for me loL! Was helping my brother with "man-power" lol! Our mom was the one staying at the house with little Cheska. No week 5 entry yet.
Tuesday night - I was the one left at the hospital with SIL. Still no entry for week 5.
Wednesday - I decided to stay and wait in the hospital until SIL and nephew get home. We got home after lunch. I was sooooo exhausted but very tingled with joy for the little man sleeping so peacefully on the bed. He's SO CUTE!!!! Still not forgetting my week 5 entry. No photos yet.. so still no entry for week 5 hehehe
By 6pm, I was able to have the necessary photo which I had difficulty getting printed went to almost 5 print shops and they all turned me down coz they all said 6x8 is not a regular size... hmmmm?????? What?!? But finally, I had one printed and 2 other smaller photos to go with the idea in my head. FINALLY!!!! hehehe
I had a very simple idea toying in my head, I want it that way coz the photo is REALLY big. My first time to do one actually. I had a hard time concentrating cutting the papers my eyes were too sleepy already at 10pm. I had to keep myself awake so I drank 3 cups of coffee :D and played some music while doing my layout. By the time I finished editing my layout in Photoshop, my eyes were literally closing IT wanted to sleep already! LOL! I was typing everything jibberish and I think I even typed words in my subconscious!?! lol!!! I should have saved it so I have something to show you lol!!!
Anyways, I emailed it and it got through successfully. All these time, I was feeling really uncomfortable already, I feel like my stomach was turning upside down and my eyes and head were not focusing with what I was doing. Instead of turning off the computer I clicked Control Panel and Add/Remove programs. LOL!!!! So, the computer finally turned off, I headed to hit the bed. IT Was like heaven!! lol! Then I heard an alarm clock...oh no, not an alarm clock, it was a cry of a hungry little baby :D lol!!!
Ok now, enough of that, here's the link to my entry for SMI 08 week 5. Thanks in advance for checking it out. Mine is titled COME PLAY WITH ME PLEASE? :)
Wish me luck friends!
Hugs to all,
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Leah said...

It looks great Donna! I love how you framed it with the positive and negative pieces of that pink polka dot paper. Good luck!!

Donna E. said...

thanks leah! :)

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