Friday, September 26, 2008

SMI 08 update: Week 6 the last round and then the ten finalists will be revealed... maybe in a little while today :D Im not sure if I'd still be there. TOO MANY amazing talents this year and it's really one heck of a ride! hehehe Great challenges and all entries every week by my fellow Idol hopefuls were getting better and more creative one after another! Whew!!!
If by chance, I never make it AGAIN (last Idol, last round I got kicked out lol!), it's okay for me. ALL the ladies REALLY DID everything and I so bow to them for making it to the finals! :) But if I make it... well, WOW!!! Would be so honored! :)
So for now, I'll just wait here and PRAY lol!
Here's a link to my week 6 entry. Thanks for looking!!!
Wish me luck!!! :)
Hugs to all,
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