Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

First of all, those who are trying to PM me I still haven't had the time to check if there's any... my computer is a total disaster right now and most of the softwares/programs ain't functioning. Aside from that, I CAN'T LOG IN TO MOST SITES :( huhuhu I dnt know what the heck is wrong with my super high-tech computer!!! ARggh!! ANd my internet connection (I have SMART BRO) is really SLLLLOOOOWWWW!!!!
I'm doing this blog posting in a computer shop... I feel like half of me is dead without a well-functioning pc and internet... lol! I'll be here for a few moments to check on some important email and I dnt have time to read everything or even check my PMs.
Anyways...I think it's also a blessing at the moment, I mean the free, no internet surfing time hehehe I can finish up my MLA and Scrapbooks Hawaii DT stuff uninterrupted lol!!
So stay tuned for that, ok? :)
Hugs to all,
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