Friday, January 09, 2009

First blog award for 2009

Wow! Got this FABULOUS blog award from Sonia! You're such a sweetie! Thank you so much! :)
As she said in her post, the rules are very easy. Mention 5 addictions and pass it on to 5 fabulous blogs. So here are mine....
I think I'm an addicted to:
1. Reading romance/sci-fi/magical type of books
2. Watermelon seeds :D
3. ARt Journa/ altered Idea notebooks
4. To my niece and nephew (Cheska and Kyle)
5. blog and internet surfing!!! :D
I think these 5 are FAB, not just because of their blogs, but as a whole person most especially:
1. Cookie Aguilar
2. Marjorie Velarde
3. Lee Imao
4. Alby Laran
5. Bjay Jaminal

Hugs to all,
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