Saturday, May 08, 2010

DST's Scrapper's Choice Awards 2010

Without thinking I joined the contest!!! eeekk!! :D
The prize is $200.... who wouldn't want to try and win huh? :D I was never the type in joining contests (or challenges for that matter) I'm too chicken! promise!! lol! But since I can enter previous layouts, I decided to bit the bullet ;D And it's one of my goals this year (we're half way through now) to join and submit layouts may it be for publication or a contest like this one....

BUT, I would be needing help from you my wonderful friendships :D

If you have time, please check out the following links? It will direct you to MY layout in the contest (Note: I believe you have to register to Digishoptalk in order to cast in your vote). I will appreciate it SO much if you take a bit of your time.. heehee Voting starts now until May 25, 2010. You can vote daily, once per category.

Okay, here you go (just click on the title):



Yeah, too many... I know!!! lol! :D
Again, thank you so much for clicking for me! :)
See you tomorrow for some hybrid postings! :)

Hugs to all,
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RiNNE said...

Wow! Great job...good-luck to you!! Such great entries!

Donna E. said...

hi rinne! thank you!! :)

mye said...

you know i will support you whenever i can - so i voted for all of them! hehehe! juice ko nalulula talaga ako sa ganda nila hahaha

Fave ko yung Use of Elements mo and the Best Photo! Post na ito sa PS at ng makaboto ang ating mga friends!

sunghee said...

i was kept reminding me to upload my photos and completely forgot.
okieee... off to vote for yours!!

sunghee said...

Links are not working properly anymore... =(

Donna E. said...

i think because it's a new format already :( they rebooted the system, it's a new SCA 2010 now and i didn't enter this time... sigh...

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