Saturday, May 01, 2010

Happy {i} NSD to all!!!!

WARNING: a very long and photo-heavy blog post!!!! :D

(oh wait, I decided for a split-second to have my projects in two batches heehee)
First off, let's start with some hyrid stuff I created these past weeks...

Jennifer Fox Designs
I attempted to make my own template... and these are the result :D
I would LOVE to post the template here itself BUT I will fix it first, teehee!!
{there was a lot of cheating that went in the process of making these baskets, lol!!)

 Actually, the second sample is a result of me not paying attention to where I was cutting :D lol!
So instead of it looking like the first one, it ended up a square basket :D
Also, when I had this idea, I was thinking of putting some kiddie craft stuff to go with the kit's theme, planned in going to the nearest bookstore to find some things..
BUT... after making the baskets... I took a supposed to be nap-time before lunch...then woke up in the middle of the night... lmao!!!

I used COLORFUL ME, a Grab bag collab by Jennifer Fox, Laura Banasiak and Nikki Epperson.
Check it out at THE DIGICHICK, available through the month of May ONLY!!!
This is a HUGE grab bag you don't want to miss! ;)

Fruitloop Sally
Sandra is in AFTER5 designs NOW!!!!
As a treat, she teamed up with the wonderful Jazzmin Designs in creating this absolutely fantastic collab kit..
and here are my hybrid cards using this sweet kit,
Hope you check it out and the rest of Sandra's kits in her new store ;)

and last but not the least news....

I'm so surprised when this talented lady invited me to be in her wonderful team...Ju Kneipp Designs asked me to be in her team as a hybrid artist.. i just LOVE her designs so I said YES! lol! I'm crazy I know (and yes i still SLEEP!!!!!!! lmao!!! ;P)

Here's my first hybrid project for her...
{the cover }
{the whole album by pages}
 {i had to add this one coz i forgot to take a photo and include in the collaged image above.. i don't want my other brother and SIL and little sister to think i forgot!}
I used her SCRAPPARAZZI digital kit for this hybrid mini-album
{link to the store and kit to be added later, is down for maintenance at the moment}

More to come!!! hehehe
Happy crafting!!!

Hugs to all,
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sunghee said...

simply fabulous!!! I get crazy when I see beautiful mini albums. LOVE IT!

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