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I got in round 3 of Supreme Scrapbook Tournament and the challenge was to DOODLE our hearts out :) To those who got to know me way way back, they would know how I LOVE doodling SO MUCH. My ultimate crush who doodles magnificently is C.D. Muckosky. So my page is mostly inspired/influenced by her.

Rules we have to follow this round:
1. No flowers
2. No people in the photo (or any part of them).
3. Doodle as many as you can, doodle the title on the layout itself, doodle on 2 photos no more no less. All doodles must be handwritten.
4. Did I say NO FLOWERS - any kind, any type, doodled or actual embellishment
5. NO ALPHAS - any kind, any type except for the journaling of course, which has to be at least 20 words min.

ALL CHECK... lol! :D

I only used 1 kraft for the background and 6 strips of patterned paper in this page. Everything else is doodled and colored with different coloring mediums. I determined where my photos would be at first and traced a light pencil around them for guide. Then I started to doodle the shapes I had in mind. I brushed gesso on parts that I wanted to stand out, like the hearts, the circles and the part where I will have my title as well. I found it difficult to have the brightness of the colors over a kraft background, as I learned. I used different kinds of handwritten letters for my title. I wrote the word "colorful" in different colored pens and doodled a little rainbow too. I think it's cute :P
Since flowers are not allowed, I opted to use circles, scallops, hearts, arrows and some swirls. I also doodled a little camera hanging cutely at the top of the page.
I used watercolors (pencils and in tubes), coloring pencils, coloring pens. Did the black outlines with my ever trusted Sakura Micron pen (05), Sakura calligraphy pen (1.0), Sakura Aqualip (I hoard this one!), and American Crafts Precision pen.
The large photo and one of the smaller photo were mounted on a cardboard. You can see some washi tapes peeking out underneath the photos.
It was fun doodling on the photos! And I really love how the photos turned out when I printed them. Super yummy rainbow of colors in the midst of creative chaos :D

I wish this would be enough to get votes from my fellow SST participants.. whom should I say, were ALL SO talented!!! I'm really honored to be one of them still... I don't know next round though lol! :D But I wouldn't be sad whoever wins, she will be SO deserving of the title :)

Thanks for dropping by!
Happy crafting,


Going no flowers must have been really tough on you! haha!

LOVE the LO.
Donna Bolo said…
Yes definitely had a hard time! Lol! I "almost" turned one circle into flower, I just stopped doodling scallops and turned it into like a spring with heart lol!

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