The Cutting Cafe: Calendar Notebook

Hello, lovelies!

I wanted to share this calendar notebook I made using The Cutting Cafe's folded calendar templates.

 I just followed the instructions on how to adhere the folded panels before putting all the calendars in place. 

But instead of creating a folded calendar, I actually made it into a notebook-type. I adhered the backside of the panels as well as the middle part and reinforced it with a strip of paper covered with glittery turquoise washi tape.
I made the closure with a strip of paper and cardstock. I only attached the side at the back cover and created a slot to insert the other side to the front cover.

I also added a pocket at the back to store the note papers and notepads.

I used an adhesive plastic sheet to make the covers sturdier as well as the strap closure.

Here is a slideshow of all the calendar pages inside.

**Pink pen - Mommy Lhey**
**Blue cardstock, Washi Tape, adhesives plastic sheet, double-sided tape**

I hope you liked my take on the Folded Calendar template!
Thanks for dropping by!

Happy crafting,


Regina Easter said…
oh my goshhhhhhhhhh this is soooo adorable...i love the papers, i love it all Donna
Maria Pilar said…
just beautiful, Donna. Love the images inside and all your calendar

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