Friday, November 09, 2007

Design Teams


When Ms. Nette Madero of My Little Attic offered me to be her FIRST DT ever, I was so overwhelmed with such joy and excitement I really wanted to shout and jump up and down the moment she told me :D
But I didn't.. my mind was commanding my body to do just that but I felt paralyzed for a sec there lol!! I think that all I was able to do was....this tiny squeak "Eeekkk!!" hahaha At that time, my mom was all I have to share the news with hehehe Hmmm maybe you are wondering why it sounded less exciting huh.. she supports me and she really believes in me BUT she wouldn't understand the FEELING. I mean, she wouldn't because the word DT itself is foreign to her vocabulary.. as we all like to say and know, only scrapbookers can understand a fellow scrapbooker's HIGH heehee
She was doing the laundry when I told her about it, she just said "uy, congrats! ano un??" hahaha

So, I was MLA's first DT. September 1st officially.

Then just a few weeks after, I received another news. I was chosen as one of DIXIE PIECES DT members! A fresh and new international monthly kit club which called for Design Team members all over. As I can recall, I saw the call a couple of weeks before their final date of submission. I tried and submitted an application without really hoping... it's an international call for chrissakes?! :D That is why it's such a surprise when I got an email from Sherry and Brenna Grove, saying I was chosen..I almost missed the email from them coz I didn't expect it at all. I read it over and over again to make sure before I answered back with a YES! lol!!
All I could say to myself then was WOW!!! wow!!!!

I couldn't ask for anything more... what great blessings...

But sometimes in life...when it rains, it pours.

For me, it was a very good kind of rain :)

I was blessed, yet again, with another DT offer. This third time, it's from Ms. Marisa of Scrapbooks Hawaii!!! WOW!!! That's three in a row already for me!

It's not just being chosen that thrills me, it's being acknowledged by such wonderful people (Nette Madero, Sherry and Brenna Grove and Marisa K.) and I'll always be grateful to these amazing ladies for trusting and believing in me.

I know I am not good with words and most of the times I just ramble things but it comes from the heart.... So, Thanks to you, I will do my very best!!! And thanks to all my family, friends and scrapbook buddies who congratulated me :)
It means a lot!

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Marci Knecht said...

Congrats on your new team Donna! Very exciting :)

marjorie said...

sis...galing tlga! congratulations ha!!! kahit malunod k sa dami ng blessings ok lng!hahaha...really proud of you girl!

C70 said...

congrats, girl!!! that's well-deserved recognition!!

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