Tuesday, November 06, 2007


in case you are wondering.... :D

did anybody miss me?? i sure did MISS my blog, my egroups, my online friends (though i seldom do chats heehee) and my favorite sites!!! i miss having my own INTERNET!!!! wahh!!

you see, it's almost over a week now since we moved in to our new place. it's not far from where we came from in fact we're still in the same village. but it's smaller (as in wayyyy toooooo much smaller) and we still have tooooo manyyyyy stuff despite running a one-week garage sale before we left our old place.

glad to have my uncles and cousins' help during the "lipat-bahay". we were quite lucky rain didn't pour down that day. just imagine how sore we were after days of juggling boxes and big plastic containers. my cousins and uncles just helped us during the move but after that.. it was still quite... heavy work ;< i only got myself and my mom pushing, pulling and lifting the heavy big boxes.. cleaning the apt, and tossing and turning the furnitures and appliances around the house.

times like these really make me wish my two "big" younger brothers... and my all-around helper - my hubby - were here.... :(
they do all these heavy stuff before and now the three of them are million miles across the seas.

oh well, we're almost done.. we just need to buy a new sofa, some stuff for the small garage/laundry area, a new dryer, some shelves, new screens for the doors and windows, new christmas decors.. and oh, speaking of decors, i think we have to replace our christmas tree too. its way too big for the apt.

good thing we have our phone back.im still running under dial up but i wish to replace this sooner with higher speed connection.

the worst part of the move??
oh unpacking is nothing compared to what i just found out yesterday... my hdd is UNREADABLE as of this moment. the one which used to store my ALL my files OLD and NEW...new PHOTOS and NEW downloaded digital stuff...it's all my fault! argghh!! should have made an updated backup before we moved :( i just wish i could still salvage the files though... im going to take it to a computer shop and hopefully they can conjure my files back to life :D im still optimistic abt it.. but if not, well.... :(

i know everything will fall into its place... i don't want to be consumed with all my misfortunes lately.. oh im telling you i still have some under my sleeves, misfortunes that is hehehe
but it's information that i don't feel like revealing :D sorry! :D it's not a matter of life and death (LOL!!!) there are just several stuff that makes me think unlucky these past weeks. but it will come together for me i know... :)
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marjorie said...

so glad your back sis! been stalking your blog these past few days hoping for even a line of a new post..whatever misfortunes you are having sis,be strong..same here,looks like there are more downs lately than ups...so ingat and welcome back girl!

C70 said...

glad to know you're done moving! :) hope things work out for you!

Donna Espiritu said...

thank you girls :)it's really good to be back on track :)

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