Wednesday, January 02, 2008

3BIAR package issue

I've posted this in my scrapbooking egroups. I asked around how packages were being levied (thanks mommy lee for the correct term hehe). I had several infos and all of them really helped me A LOT to better understand my problem.

Now,what WAS the problem..

A package was sent to me by 3BIAR as my prize for winning in one of their online monthly challenge. I didn't mind waiting for it for more than a month to get here. I know how it goes :)
But when it finally came into my local po, I was shocked to my bones to be informed I was to pay more than 3k for tax etc!! I was in panic mode right away so I didn't check the package thoroughly. I didn't even wanna hold it I just stared at it!! heehee I asked the kind lady if I could have the papers (receipts and all) duplicated so I can stufy it further at home and she said ok.

I told the lady in my local PO that I will ask for help first coz I think it was a very steep prize to pay considering I didn't even purchase it. I wento home after that, just to realize the invoice was not included in my duplicated papers (hayyy).

Lots of friends were eager to help me out with my dilemna. One very good friend offered to help and I was glad there was a possibility that I can NOT pay that amount of tax money. That was Friday,so I had to wait til Monday to take further actions. Within that two days, I was able to think clearer. A thought entered my head, that maybe the package was not mine. Maybe 3biar mistakenly sent it to me. But I didn't have any means to confirm.I emailed 3biar and informed them about it. Due to time difference, I have to wait til Tuesday (in Manila) for their reply. Come Monday morning, I went to the PO right away and checked the invoice of the package.

AND I WAS RIGHT! The package was not mine it was for a certain store in Canada!! MY GOSH!!!!!!! I feel like kicking myself for worrying over NOTHING!!! I didn't know what to do so I waited for the reply from 3BIAR. They replied to my email after a few more days, asked for the package to be returned to sender. The lady in our PO said ok.
Problem solved!

Sorry if I got you guys excited during those days of panic :D But I think we all learned quite well regarding packages being sent from overseas, right?!?!?

For me though, the most valuable lesson I learned:


Oh and I am still waiting for MY 3BIAR prize :D

By the way, the very controversial package was worth 15k in pesos... one of the things that puzzled me from the very beginning! lol!! "KAYA PALA!" hahaha
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Marci Knecht said...

Phew! That was nailbighter. I would have freaked out a little bit too, because you just never know. When my mother came to visit us in Chicago a few months ago she forgot her purse with all of her ID in it. I sent it to her via UPS and Canada Customs made her pay $30FOR HER OWN PURSE! I filled out all the forms properly, but they wouldn't give it to her until she paid up.

Donna Espiritu said...

wierd isn't it..paying that exorbitant amt of money and for your mom's case, her own purse!?:D
thinking back, i feel really stupid for not thinking clearer, but good thing it's all been settled and cleared.. i just hope the package GETS 3BIAR safely this time.. and of course MY own prize sooner! lol!! :)

Cathy said...

Hi Donna, thank you for coming by my blog and for your wonderful comments. Now what on earth was Marj saying about me!!!

Come by anytime.

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