Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another MLA project!!

Im kind of excited to show you this coz I did a cool technique which I tried for the first time. MASKING!
I know a lot were doin' this technique for sometime now but when you do it YOURSELF, the coolness of it is really something :D And most esp if you do it with the LACE CARDSTOCK of KI Memories!! I was torn between "tearing apart" the lace cardstock and using it as a whole in my project.
I tried Versmark white ink first but the color didn't quite show through so I resorted to using paint. I used SEMCO's silver metal paint (any acrylic paint will do) and blotted the paint over the cardstock. I just turned it over the wrong side and hold it on the side of the perfume box.

TIP: use a sponge or foam for great control and don't use too much paint as it will seep through the lace cardstock, might not give u a great "mask" of the image.

Thanks for looking!


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marjorie said...

wow sis..inspired ako sa work mo ha...and i can see dami din na inspire...pagaya!

Carla said...

Donna, that looks awesome!! I love the masking effect!

C70 said...

Donna, that project looks gorgeous!

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