Sunday, July 13, 2008

Black Magic Sketch blog

I'm one of their new CT members!!!
Whew!!! Never did something like this for a long time now, trying out for a CT position that is.
Learned about Mystical Scrapbook's new challenge blog through one of their CTs, Cookie Aguilar (who's a dear friend as well).
I was really nervous to try out honestly! Black Magic is about creating layouts based on a sketch they'll provide predominantly in BLACK (hence, the blog name) with two colors and a technique. So you see my dilemna was, I'm known to be a Pink, Pastels and Bright kinda girl :D
THAT is why I thought about trying out for the CT many times over!
Finally, I opted to do it! Nothing to lose here! It's a challenge for me!
SO I created two layouts based on their given sketches and parameters. I was really nervous when I uploaded the layouts and the sketch I whipped up just for this. I don't know why I was feeling tiny butterflies swimming in my tummy while waiting for the results! LOL!
That is why when Susan Longman pm'ed me for a spot it didn't sink it right away! LOL! I had to read it 3 times I think??? LOL!!! It's always like the first time for me..geesshh! :)
You see, everytime I get to receive this kind of news, I really couldn't believe it for a bit while..hehehe
Enough with my ramblings!! LOL!!
Check out the wonderful CT applications and announcement! No wonder they chose 6 from the original 3 spots! Whew!
Here are my entries:
Sketch 1: Black with Pink and Orange (photos by Cheska: yes, she took those photos by herself!!)
TRIVIA: I let her splatter the paints! Then she's mighty proud of herself and thought she could dab inks on the pink cs!?! THAT's not really part of my plan on this lo lol! See those inks just under the mid photo? :)

Sketch 2: Black with Limegreen and White {one of the wed photos of our BUNSO (youngest brother) and his lovely wife}
My sketch:
Will keep you posted for the 1st BLACK MAGIC challenge! :)
Hugs to all,
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