Monday, October 27, 2008

My KAYA! 18 entry

I love Kaya!'s challenge for this month, thanks to Marix for that! :)
Her challenge is about "cutting edges", that is, we have to use any kind of edges on our layouts. So I doodled mine and cut it out like so. And if we still can, make a card out of the scraps from that layout.
Here is my layout:
And my card:
Credits here.
Maybe you'll notice that I've been using these photos of my niece for the nth time now lol! I have printed them THAT MANY (in sepia, in color, in b/w, in bw and name it! Lol!)...I have to use them up, right?? Well, I guess it's all used up now hehehe (I'm not really sure of that answer lol!).

Thanks for looking!


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sarah said...

wow! those look great! i love your style!!

glad i found your blog. i will be back to visit soon!


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