Sunday, October 05, 2008

SMI 2008: TOP 3!!!


First of all, just wanna say CONGRATS to my dear friend COOKIE AGUILAR coz she is the SCRAPPIN MOMS IDOL for 2008!!! Woohoo!! Way to go Cookie!!!

Issa Lucido and yours truly were the runners up! I had so much fun with the challenges (though at times the challenges were super crazy!!) and the final round was the BOMB! hehehe We were asked to make a shaped-layout.. irregular shape other than the usual square or rectangular ones we make.

At first, I thought of making a Christmas a tree with big stars and balls or gifts to go with my quote and journaling (we were required to include a Christmas quote and handwritten journaling). I sketched the idea I had in mind and accidentally cut it out differently. We were given with 4 Christmas papers and ample amount of embellishments. We have to use all of them (one of each embellishments to be exact). I USED ALL of what's inside the kit! lol!!! Anyways, so I accidentally cut my papers into a different one and another idea came into my CRAAAZZZY head. I decided to make an angel instead hehehe An Angel Christmas tree in a!

SO... after much contemplating (that's after almost TWO HOURS of cutting unnecessary papers), I thought, how on earth will I make the face?!?!?! and the hands!!! oh no! I stink in drawing a person's face add to that the hands!!! so, I doodled a head... then the face...and a pinky cheeks and golden hair :D lol! i thought it looked it like my new born nephew lol!! Oh and the halo, it's the "sinamay" stuff also included in the kit. (will take a good photo of it and update this post later)...

So, after 3 hours, I was able to finish and submit my entry.... and WOW! the other entires were AMAZING!!! Out of the box, indeed!! It was a tight competition and I am pretty sure the judges had a hard time picking the winners...I am just SO GLAD they saw something in my entry and lucky me became a runner up to the TWO MOST talented and creative scrapbookers I have ever met!

Ate Issa, thank you for being a so kind and patient table mate!! I almost occupied our whole table with my stuff! lol!!!

COOKIE!!!!!! My gosh girl!!! You are the BEST!!! So proud of you!!! :D

AND thanks to the girls I had a fun dinner last night! I never realized how much HUNGRY and THIRSTY I was til after my layout was submitted!! lol!!

THANK YOU to all of those who rooted out for me! Will not mention names anymore (coz i might forget a name lol!), BUT THANK YOU for the encouragement, for BELIEVING in my capabilities...or for just simply being there cheering up for me all through the whole 6 weeks of SMI 2008... super tight hugs to all of you!!!

And to my family, can't thank you enough for putting up with my craziness!!lol!! Love you all!

MARAMING SALAMAT PO!!! (Thank you very much!)

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Alby said...

Donna! I'm one of your fans! I really believe you're an amazing scrapper! Anyway, I totally enjoyed our dinner. Magparamdam ka sa ym ha. My id is foto_doc.

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