Monday, October 06, 2008

SMI 08: My entries

Hi all!!!
Finally, I can post my entries to the SM Idols 2008! :) Here are my 8 entries (1 invite party set) I made for the Idols this year... thanks for looking! :)
Elimination round: Interpret a sketch
Week 1: Party set with pop-up invite (My theme: Fab @ 50)

Week 2: Color combination challengeWeek 3: Direction and MovementWeek 4: Dimensions and Layers (I'm Pick of the week on this one!)
Week 5: Asymmetrical balance
Week 6: Answer the question "Why do you deserve to be the next Idol?" plus use 6 materials on your lo and repeat at least 6 times one of those materialsAnd last but not the least, my final entry:

So there you go.... thanks so much for droppin' by my blog! :)
Have a nice week ahead!
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Sonia Kertznus said...

Wonderful lo's and projects Donna. Love everything!!! :)

Benga said...

Hi Donna! Love your final winning LO! Such a cute and fun LO! meron na naman ako ili-lift hehehe Congrats for landing in top 3! You deserve it!

Michelle G Bertuzzi said...

Hi Donna, remember me? Wow, those are really lovely layouts. I would've picked you too!

Donna E. said...

hi sonia! thanks girl!!! :)

Donna E. said...

hi marix! salamat kapatid for that sweet comment! :)

Donna E. said...

hi michelle!!! :) of course i remember you! :) thank you so much for dropping by and leaving such a sweet comment!

Lee i. said...

I am looking at your LOs again and you were really a force to reckon with. Congratulations ulit. See you soon. :-)

Sherry said...

I am such a fan of your work! I think week four is my favorite! Congratulations, Donna.

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