Clique Kits: August planning using the Malibu kit

There is still a week left before August ends and can I say WOW!?? How can it be September already in a week?? And before you know it, it's Christmas and then it's New Year... NEW YEAR!!! 2018!! Eeekk!! 
Okay, okay... I panicked there for a bit lol! Because... well... it's a secret so I am not to spill it yet! But boy.. am I so excited! I just hope and pray nothing will hinder our plans this coming 2018... whew... 

Anywayssssss.... I want to share my planner I decorated with the August "Malibu" kit

Of course, I had to make my own paper clips again!

Ahhh beautiful, if I may say so!

More about this if you check out THIS post on the Clique Kits blog.

Thanks for dropping by!
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