2nd Design Attempt
Here I go again... attempted to design digital papers :)
This time, I used 300dpi but on a 6x6 -in case I want to print some for future use.
And if someone would actually ask for it..like a freebie?? hahah Yeah, dream on :)
But I am so willing to share.. so just holler if someone reading this want one oki :)
I had fun doin' these cute GRID 6x6 papers.
Grid papers are really "in style" right now.
And oh, also did some "notebook papers" but with no "notebook holes" hehehe (MAHIRAP ha and I'm still trying to figure out how to do it)
Below is an example of what I'm talking about...
(Photo is of my husband's niece and inaanak, LIAN)

Digital Elements from Ann Langpap's free kit July 2006

More samples:


Jenn Valmonte said…
donna...ang ganda! anong font yung cursive?
Donna Espiritu said…
hi jenn :) thanks..
imnot sure about what font i used hahaha but i think its one of those fonts i downloaded off from the scrapbook answers cds i have? will email you the font if u want. maybe tomorrow or the next day though ok :) thanks again!
Anonymous said…
hi donna! am jhoy madrid. am not sure if you remember me pero i sat near you last May Scrapfest. i was seated beside Tin Yao. anyway, is it ok if i also ask for the font you used for "happy baby" and "pink cheeks"? cute na cute kse ako sa font na yun eh. sana mapagbigyan mo ako. =) thanks a lot!!!
Donna Espiritu said…
hi jhoy! thanks! actually it's from Scrapbook answers disc i got from their mag. what's your emaild add so i can send it to you? :)
Anonymous said…
hi donna! thank you thank you talaga sa pag-reply mo. my email add is jhoanna_b_madrid@yahoo.com...

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