Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It's a 2-month long challenge which started this August and will last until October, in time for the 4th Scrapfest. And yesterday was the last day of submission of layouts for the Elimination Round. Judges will be, of course, the Scrappin' Moms and some guest judge/s.

The first challenge is to SCRAPLIFT an INTERNATIONAL SCRAPBOOKER'S work. But the scrapbooker has to be YOUR IDOL. Hmmm I got to think not just twice but many times over who I will pick among my idols... you see, I love Heidi Swapp, Elsie Flannigan, C.D. Muckosky, Maria Grace Abuzman, Rhonna name a few.. I was having a dilemna! Why them anyway? I think I am a freestylin' scrapbooker and I find myself more and more loving doodling and using my own handwriting as a TOOL. Wow, I only thought of that just!!!

So, what I did was surf the net for some of their layouts that I could scraplift in consideration to what I have in hand: pictures and stash. But my main concern are my photos. Time is running out for me and I don't have the luxury to have something developed and I AM IN PANIC already!!! lol!! So I really had to focus on finding a lo to scraplift that fits the bill.

I browsed through my idol's galleries and blogs... I had a hard time finding Heidi's coz I think she had very few public layouts and the older ones are so hard to find!! Though I have one that I've scraplifted from Heidi's a long time ago, SMI has a rule that the lo MUST be new and has to be for SMI's challenge purpose. So, I am off again in finding the perfect lo...

It was a tough choice... I want MG's elegant and simple browns and pinks.. and also Rhonna's digital layouts (you can scraplift a digi lo)...and Elsie's freestyle... but C.D.'s beautiful children tagged at my heart hehehe THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!!! I wish I could have girls like them.. they are stinkin' cute!!! And what's more charming, THEY ARE ALL GIRLS! Uhuummm!!! :)

I thought I'd never make it on time if I fiddle-diddle and keep on staring on their los. I had to choose ASAP! Oh, I forgot to tell when was all these fuzz?? Sunday!! And the submission was due yesterday 1pm!! Imagine the cramming donna going off the roof coz she couldn't decide which one to scraplift! LOL!!

To make the long story short.. I chose C.D.s layout of her daughter Kaiella. The lo is titled "just being you @ 2" You have to go to her blog to have a preview.. I'm not sure if I can upload it here (don't want some problem or sumthing) so just go check it out HERE.

Unfortunately again, I can't upload my entry here also.. if you want, go check it out at SCRAPPIN MOM's site. Mine is titled "That Summer Look".

There are lots of GREAT and GORGEOUS and CREATIVE layouts in there!! I'm excited and nervous at the same time! If I don't make it in the next round, it's ok with me.

The first reason why I joined the IDOL challenge is to CHALLENGE MYSELF to overcome something in me. I have this fear in joining challenges.... BELIEVE ME OR NOT, I DO! I have palpitations and I feel sick whenever I join challenges.... Others may not see it but, I get an upset stomach and my neck and eyes hurt and I feel dizzy!!! I think my brain freezes so hand and mind coordination don't meet!!!! hahaha I am not over-reacting or anything.

Encouragement and belief from fellow scrapbookers (I consider them my mentors) made me push through... not just for this particular challenge but for some other past challenges as well. I will not name names baka I forget someone magalit or magtampo! hahaha They know who they are =)

Hey mentors, you are the ones telling me to believe in my creativity and my work... thanks to ALL of YOU! Win or lose, I am happy whichever.

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Alby said...

Wow Donna, this is such a surprise. If joining challenges is daunting for you and yet you are able to come up with super stunning layouts (and winning here and there!), I cannot imagine what kind of pages you will come up with if you weren't nervous. :D Seriously, you are very talented and you make such gorgeous layouts. I would love to scrap with you so I can learn from a hall of famer. LOL. Really, I'd like to see you in action - but maybe not in a competition...ako ang kakabahan. Haha. Maybe in one of our EBs.

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