Thursday, August 23, 2007

SMI Round 2 - What's your color?

That's what I used in my entry to the Scrappin Mom's IDOL challenge round 2.
Check out all the entries here (still not allowed to post it anywhere at this point.. til I am out hehe).

SOOOO MAANNYY great layouts grabe!
Mahihirapan ang mga judges I am sure :)
Well, if finally matanggal ako.. it's ok with me.. kakapagod honestly..
from the time I started on my layout (this weekend) I had a nagging headachae and I was pretty sure how bad it could be if I don't rest.. as in REST na walang iniisip..
And sure it was, come Sunday meron na nga! But I didn't mind bec I have to finish my entry. I succumbed to my bed late Monday evening coz hindi ko na tlaga kaya. My eyes were getting blurry and my back seemed to stiff from my neck down to my spine (it's called S-T-R-E-S-S lol!!)
I was kind of worried if I don't rest right away it would take more than a couple of days for it to subside in case it turn out as MIGRAINE. Lo and behold! Came Tuesday morning... MY HEAD and EYES and MY WHOLE FACE ached like someone is banging me with a HAMMER! A really HUGE ONE! Didn't complain with my mom.. sbihin nun" EH kse scrapbook ng scrapbook!!" hehehe I just told her masakit ulo ko. But, maybe she notices kse I didn't eat like the way I usually do (bandehado!!! hahaha) I felt I was gonna throw up everytime I think of food (well, just these last two days lol!!).

I showed my mom the photos I'm gonna be using in my entry and she said, "BAKIT YAN??? wala na bang ung MAS MAGANDA ko??" I was laughing my head off! I just told her what else can I use, FPS she's 7 years younger in those photos!?! lol!! So I went about and did my lo until late last night. I took some photos but the colors were kind of wonky (it's not pink at all!!) and this morning, it's worst I think (it's still not pink at all!!)... well, I guess either one.. it still looked the same lol!! :D

My journaling was really LONG, naiiyak ako along the way (blush*blush)... April had to do it in three parts (including the materials used) hahaha Just check it out here. It is entitled "MAMA"...Thanks for looking!
And thanks for reading this :D
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