Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lucky to be POTW!!!

Yes! That's right! I am the lucky POTW in Round 2 of Scrappin' Moms IDOL Challenge!
And guess who picked my layout.... drumrolls please!!! tan-dara-ran!!!!! It's none other than THE BECKY FLECK of PAGEMAPS!!!!!!! WOW!!! She made some comments that really MADE MY DAY! hahaha

To see what the heck I am blabbing about, go see it HERE. And while you're there, go check out the other fantastic layouts my co-idol comps posted... I can only imagine what the judges had to go through again hehehe well, QUITS lang! lol!! Coz the next round is definitely something that will ALTER our worlds!

Yep, you heard me right... we have to ALTER a household item and make it something useful other than what it is originally intended for. wAhaaattt!!!!!??! I've never done this kind of thing ever in my scrapbooking life.... Sure, I did some notebooks/journals BUT it still has the same purpose, it's still a notebook FPS!

HA!!! What a challenge... I hope I'd be able to get through this.. please pray for me people... pray pray pray for me ok?? :)
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C70 said...

CONGRATS, Donna!!!

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