Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Well, it's a new year, new country, another fresh start for me and my husband here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia..finally, at last!! we're together after more than 3.5 years! :D

Do you have a list of new year's resolutions? Do you keep up with it or forget where and what you wrote later on? Lol! I'm guilty!! On both accounts :D I still don't have a list, I do think I need to have one and get some things settled, finished, organized. But I want to make it more of a list of goals.. yeah that's better.. I need to be (1) organized and handle (2) time management well :D Actually I should also include less or none-at-all.. (3) procrastination hahaha I want to make a (4) Project 365 thingy :D That would be a huge project for me, knowing how forgetful I am. I should also (5) buy a big board where I can tuck and pin schedules. Hmm what else??? I know there's one thing that I want to achieve but I am afraid to write it coz it will mean I should do and accomplish it and I am really really scared to do it, lol I'm scared to diet, lol!! yeah lose tons of weight.. there I aired it already so I think I should get started..tomorrow lol! Kidding aside, that will be one of my goals for this year, I badly need to (6) lose weight. The last thing, I think.. is more than a wish, a prayer than a goal :) (7) Would be the fervent and most important thing on my list.. to get pregnant this year...God-willing...

Okay that's really quite a short list of goals, lol! But it's not gonna be easy coz these are the things that I really struggle with so it's a tough list heehee

Anyways, before I forget, I also wanna share with you this LINK.. it will take you to the layout I made for's January issuek, as their January Guest Designer.. what a great way to start a new year :)

Thanks and will come back tomorrow (or maybe later) for new stuff!!! :D

Hugs to all,
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Alby said...


I'm happy that you are now with your hubby. It must be an explosive New Year (wink!). Hope your Christmas was great. And here's wishing for a fruitful 2010. :D

Nicole said...

Congratulations on the reunion with the hubby, I have a feeling that could HELP the baby-situation a little bit, right!? Kinda hard to have a baby without having a man around!!!!!!

Sincerest wishes (and prayers from me coming too) on a more than fruitful and prosperous New Year!

Hugs, Nicole

Sandra said...

Great layout at Scrapstreet, Donna! Wishing you all the best for 2010, that you may reach all your goals and especially that your wish will come true!!

Donna E. said...

girls!! lol!!! thanks SO much! :)
well, let's wait and see if HE will grant me my wish :)

thanks for droppin' by!!! and may you all have a more blessed year ahead too! :)

Brittney aka Milmomma said...

Happy New Year! So glad you two are back together. I can't imagine 3.5 years. Your truly a great person for being so loyal and loving.

Katharyn said...

Getting pregnant is on my 2010 goals list too! Good luck

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