Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My first traditional layout for 2010

Nope not yet finish lol!!!!
But I am on to it.. ;)
I was gonna reach for my stapler and found none... lol! But i have staple wires.. weirdness... so when we went outside yesterday to buy groceries I also searched for a stapler and voila... yeah they have one.. i mean ONE!! lol! am i so lucky or what?? :) lmao!

oh and would you believe... i run out of feminine wash (oopps sorry lol!) and saw a few bottles i can't understand the labels.. was gonna get one but when i saw the price... WHOAH!!!!!!!! how come it's too expensive?? it's not even the biggest bottle! ;<  i mean, even if i don't convert (which i always do, lmao!!) it's still too much. it's almost 50sr (in peso it's almost 600php? i think..) so i asked hubby to buy in the pharmacy instead lol! i told him a specific brand and it should not be that expensive...SHOULD NOT be, lol! but if it is well i have no choice but to buy... hmp! :D lol!! he said today he will...

oh and nope, still no luck with those double-sided tapes... im itching to buy online now... hmm and how about some monthly kits?? so many im considering atm.. lol!!

gotta go for now.. hubby's gonna be here in a while... got to prepare lunch (yep i eat lunch at 3pm ever since i came here so hubby and i eat together...sweet?? :D lol! i hope i don't get ulcer with this routine, lol!)

Hugs to all,
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