Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just thinking

Trying to find something here on my blog a while ago... was browsing through old posts and of course saw my old trad layouts... kind of made me think, since I don't have them anymore, why not SCRAPLIFT myself huh?? :D i think it's a cool idea, but how i wish i can recreate from paper to digital those paper tears and crumpled sheets i used to just slap on my pages before, lol! Gosh I TERRIBLY MISS PAPER SCRAPBOOKING.. i MISS my stuff..sigghhhh.... :( oh and yeah, once i get hold of some double sided tapes HERE in Hail, KSA, if i have enough (allowance that is) will buy all of it! lol!! it sucks without having a handy-dandy double-sided tape at hand.. :D

Hugs to all,
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