Saturday, September 08, 2007


1 Photo,2 Fabrics, 3 word title and 4 embellishments.

That's what ROUND 5 of SMI is all about.
We have a week to make our entries and I did mine for over a day.. no no no, I take that back hehehe not a day or so... it's less than 24 hours I think?!?! Again, not OA, I have people to prove that lol!!

Anyways, "STICK with it" is my entry- you have to go over Scrappin Moms' gallery to see it :)

If in any case I don't make it to the next round ok lang hahaha I'm running out of ideas and this round made my head empty ata lol!!! the reason why I wasn't able to make an lo right away was... I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE SIGNIFICANT to absurd is that!?!?!? I was staring at my scrapping table and the unopened cigarette pack kept on "appearing" in my head. I thought one of my "bad angels" is urging me OPEN it lol!!! it's when I was rummaging through my cabinet and boxes and drawers that the idea HIT me! :D "kablam! kaboink! swooosh!!!" (o diba with matching sound effects pa hehehe CORNY!!!)

Why my unopened cigarette pack?? WHY NOT!!!??? yeah, why not?? so far it is the most significant THING in my life right now.. it's a 7-year-worth REMEMBRANCE for me. no not remembrance, REMINDER. bear in mind, this is FOR ME. IT's MY REMINDER for MYSELF ok?? some people might be offended or something but It was really a struggle for me to stop. I felt like an addict already Lol!! (not kidding!!) I wake up 2 in the morning TO SMOKE guys... now THAT's something to be ashamed of... and, I have plans too like having a family and I am feeling guilty already for my husband has stopped smoking too (well, SABI NYA!! hahaha). What does it have to do with having a family?? Well, my OB tells me it might be a FACTOR (sbi ko lang might but it is I guess) contributing with my "problem". No need to elaborate, just... leave it like that! LOL!!

And i really do hope my friends (the smoking lot) will appreciate this decision I came up with. Friends pa rin tau ha?? hahaha Sometimes, there are choices we have to make and it's a struggle to live with it. And I am very happy and proud with myself for sticking with this stop-smoking thing.

I didn't make this as topic just for the sake of having somethig to enter in the challenge. I made it my topic because of what it means to MY LIFE. and i believe, that's what scrapbooking is all about.. documenting EVERYDAY lives. may it be the most mundane or the most extravagant or the whatever "MOST" in our lives hehe

the fact that it has happened to me is enough reason already. it's my life, period.

Thanks for reading this guys.. not venting or anything.. just MY THOUGHTS. :)
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C70 said...

Good decision, Donna!

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