Friday, September 14, 2007

WHEW! One LAST round!

I antipicate the results, yeah I admit :) WHO wouldn't??
But not the "suffocating feeling" everytime I open the SCRAPPIN MOMS IDOL CHALLENGE page to view who the "lucky" contestants are. Again, friends, I AM NOT EXAGGERATING ok?? No matter how we say, "COOL... HAVE FUN..." the feeling is as intense as the first time in the Elimination round. In fact, for me, I did not feel any "suffocation factor" in the very first round. No vertigo.. no heartburns in the elimination round (OBER NA un ha! lol!!). As we finish one entry to another, the excitement escalates, I don't know if I'd pray to be in or out.. hayyyyyyyyyyy!!! But I am THANKFUL, that I am still in the last of the rounds until the FINALS... WILL I MAKE IT UNTIL THE END?? Goodluck to all of the 15 challengers :) (that includes me hehe)

Hmmm only God knows. No matter what happens, I am still happy I did join this challenge. It's really a different level of challenge and though difficult and really tiring (NO MATTER HOW I PUT IN MY HEAD TO STAY COOL and REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN hehehe), it's heartwarming to be praised or commented on by my friends. For me, that's the true reward. Whether I make it to the finals or not, I am still what I am.. making and preserving memories of MY LIFE to last a lifetime... (sana hehehe)

Thanks for reading this my friends :)
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C70 said...

Good luck on the last round, Donna!!! You have a style all your own, and no matter what happens, you're already a winner!!! :)

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